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About Us

We’re Duane and Annette Siebert and the groundwork for was laid in 1987 as the in-house advertising and marketing department for our very first bricks-and-mortar company in Chicago, Illinois (after we said “Adios!” to our decade-plus careers wearing “grown-up” clothes for the biggest stock brokerage firm in the world).

Despite the fact our in-house designed and manufactured physical products worked as well as the name-brand competitors’ products (at a fraction of their price) we knew our products wouldn’t sell themselves and we needed leads.

This set the course for all of our marketing endeavors for all of our businesses since then, offer the same quality for a huge discount and market the daylights out of it! – we called that our “McDonald’s strategy”.  They aren’t the biggest because they sell the world’s best burgers, they’re #1 because they’re the best at marketing burgers and fries!

Our strategy was simple and serves us to this day:   Use the most effective and affordable means available, generate as many leads as possible and contact them IMMEDIATELY to determine which ones are true prospects and then turn them into clients/customers (clearly that wasn’t unique to us and is the exact same daunting task faced by every business on the planet.)  

We answered our phones live and still do (even in the late 80’s annoying voicemail was already the norm).  Then we set out to provide the best customer service possible and “out-Nordstrom Nordstrom’s” (when we started our business they were THE example of fantastic customer service).  We also promised lightning-fast order processing, shipping, etc.

Beyond those “obvious” (to us) key elements we capped it all off with our six word “No time limit – No fine print” guarantee.

We had it made (or so we thought…)


Keeping a never-ending supply of new leads/prospects to ultimately hit gold, a client/customer, is an absolute necessity.

If we had to do it all over again we would have found outside advertising and lead generation experts who were as good at what they do as we were at what we did so we could spend all of our time selling our products (because that’s where the money is!)

We spun off to bring all of the lessons we have learned, the partnerships we have formed and the knowledge and expertise our 3+ decades of fighting the advertising, marketing and web presence battle to our clients so they can focus on what they do best!

So, here’s a simple question to ask a rep from any other agency…  “How much of your OWN MONEY have you personally spent on lead generation and advertising?