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Being found online

(For up to 93% of all web searchers, there is no page 2 (or beyond) of Google and Bing)

  • The search engines watch EVERYTHING
  • The more people look for what you offer the more the search engines pay attention
  • The more people pick you when they search the more the search engines take notice
  • The longer people stay on your site the more the search engines know about the quality of your content
  • The greater the number of pages someone visits on your site further verifies the search engine’s assessment
  • The greater the number of visitors who click-to-call (or take other action) makes the search engines happy

If all of that sounds like you are at the mercy of the search engines, you’re right.
But, the good new is, we know exactly what they are looking for and bring our ‘minions’ to the fight on your behalf!  Give us a call, click to chat or request more info.  We’re here to help you win this battle!