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'T E R I'

Thank Each Reviewer INSTANTLY

Why? Your reviewers are your FREE sales team! Treat them like the gold asset they are by replying to their reviews INSTANTLY using ProxiSponder and boost sales as a result!

Your customer reviewers are your most OVERLOOKED asset

Your reviewers are your most overlooked asset. They're your FREE sales team. Countless studies have shown people are far more likely to believe what some reviewer says about your business than what you say about your business.

Good reviews are good and bad reviews are better? YES!

Statistics show people are suspect of "too many" good reviews (the old "If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is" thinking.) People know "stuff happens" and they want to see what you do when it does.

ProxiSpeak's ProxiSponder does the work for your team!

Even if they are all great, responding to reviews is a grind (how many ways can someone make "Thank you for your review" sound unique"?) But the bad reviews are even harder to respond to. So, what do most companies do? Not reply, at all.

Revenue Increasing Review-related statistics!

  • Businesses that respond to reviews earn 33% more revenue vs. those that don’t
  • They have a 124% better customer retention rate
  • Consumers find businesses that respond to reviews 1.7X more trustworthy
  • 53% of customers expect their review to be responded to within ONE HOUR
  • Consumers are 116% more likely to make a purchase after seeing a businesses’ response to a negative review
  • 33% of consumers reported changing a negative review to a positive review after their review was responded to and the issue addressed
  • 45% of consumers say they’re more likely to visit a business that responds to negative reviews
  • 70% of consumers changed their opinion about a business after the business responded to a negative review appropriately
  • Responding to reviews increases local search engine rankings 20 – 25%

Government agencies don't...

It’s not as if absolutely no government agencies ask for taxpayer/customer input, but, our research has shown less than 3% of all governmental agencies that deal with the public take the time to do the same with their taxpayers/customers.

The reasons not to do it most likely are, “Never thought of it.”, “Don’t know how to do it.” and “Why should we bother since it’s not like they can “shop” elsewhere…”

Whatever the reason not to ask might be, the best reasons to routinely ask are so compelling!

Why should we?

Even going back many decades research showed people are far more likely to complain than compliment and if slogging through customer, after customer, after customer isn’t hard enough, seeing negative feedback makes it many times harder and that takes a toll.

After a favorable interaction with a taxpayer customer giving them a super-easy way to provide their input all but guarantees the ‘cranks’ will forever be overshadowed by the ‘thanks’ (and your team members will love that)!

It’s one thing to hear infrequent praise, it’s far better to see it appearing on Google day, after day, after day.

It’s tough enough to find good team members, but these days keeping them is far harder than ever before.

Keep your FREE Reviewer Sales Team HAPPY!

Though only a tiny fraction of companies and institutions respond to their reviews, as the above stats conclusively reveal keeping your reviewr “FREE sales team” happy is far too important to ignore.  And doing so is as simple as RESPONDING to their reviews – FAST!  Our ProxiSponder platform makes the process 10X – 50X faster while actually turning out better replies.  That frees up valuable employee time so they can attend to other tasks that need their time and effort.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

150 years ago that huge waste of money was understandable. Our complimentary deep-dive data analysis reveals on average the numbers are almost just as bad today (and that is totally inexcusable)
John Wanamaker - 1838-1922
Department Store Magnate

"If you build it, they will come..." (assuming Google finds you, first and tells the world about you)

A voice in "Ray Kinsella's" head planted that "If you build it, they will come..." thought. Todays digital advertising reality adds a critical caveat, "but only if your SEO puts you on page one of Google..."
"Ray Kinsella" (Kevin Costner)
"Field of Dreams"

"Sometime you wanna' go where everybody knows your name and you're always glad they came..."

Basically "everyone" in your target market knows that song. Familiarity is key. Expertly implemented Proxi-Channel remarketing ensures "everybody knows your name" and keeps it on top of their minds
"Sam Malone" (Ted Danson)

Reputation - our primary focus...

Reviews are the most overlooked way to easily boost visits, sales, enrollments or whatever you might provide improving the effectiveness of all of your advertising and marketing.  It is so easy to capitalize on their power.  Get in touch and we’ll get you up and running on ProxiSponder in a matter of minutes!