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You have a great team - Show them the praise they receive from the people they help all day long!

ProxiSpeak's visitor engagement technology makes it so easy for the customers your team serves to leave great reviews giving them the huge pat on the back and thank-you they so rightly deserve...

The public can be a bit 'edgy'...

These days, the public can be a tad 'edgy' (that's putting it mildly!) It's tough enough working with taxpayer customers 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. But, add 'edgy' on top of that? Of course, it takes a huge toll on your team (and keeping good people is tough enough without those added issues!)

Who leaves an unsolicited review? (Happy or 'edgy' folks?)

Statistics show overwhelmingly the people most likely to hammer out an unsolicited review aren't the happy ones (okay, that happens... well, there was that one time a few years ago). Though totally unfair to your team, that's just human nature.

ProxiSpeak's Engagement Machine fixes all of that!

The easiest way to fix this (and get your team the great reviews they so rightly deserve) is use our system designed to solicit input from the happy customers your team has served (rather than crossing your fingers and leaving it up to chance!)

Businesses do it...

In 2023, of course it is common for businesses to ask their customers, clients or patrons to leave a review.

It’s a great way to encourage customers to give their staff the praise they deserve.  It’s also a great way for management to hear how not only how their staff is doing, but how the entire company is doing, as well.

What always surprises businesses when they solicit input is the public has thoughts about ways to improve the products, services, manner of doing business, etc. in ways they have never thought of before (it can be scary, but, the public will have those thoughts, anyway, so they realize it is far better to ask and find out what they are thinking instead of just thinking “everything is okay”.)


Government agencies don't...

It’s not as if absolutely no government agencies ask for taxpayer/customer input, but, our research has shown less than 3% of all governmental agencies that deal with the public take the time to do the same with their taxpayers/customers.

The reasons not to do it most likely are, “Never thought of it.”, “Don’t know how to do it.” and “Why should we bother since it’s not like they can “shop” elsewhere…”

Whatever the reason not to ask might be, the best reasons to routinely ask are so compelling!

ProxiSpeak - Artificial Intelligence01

Why should we?

Even going back many decades research showed people are far more likely to complain than compliment and if slogging through customer, after customer, after customer isn’t hard enough, seeing negative feedback makes it many times harder and that takes a toll.

After a favorable interaction with a taxpayer customer giving them a super-easy way to provide their input all but guarantees the ‘cranks’ will forever be overshadowed by the ‘thanks’ (and your team members will love that)!

It’s one thing to hear infrequent praise, it’s far better to see it appearing on Google day, after day, after day.

It’s tough enough to find good team members, but these days keeping them is far harder than ever before.

Our Invaluable Team of ProxiSpeak Employees

How hard is it to get positive input?

At ProxiSpeak, we take care of the hard parts.  Your team members only have to make certain to give their happy/satisfied taxpayer customers the card/prompt and our entire system takes over from there.  The only other requirement on your end is appointing someone to be in charge of replying to the reviews (in a matter of seconds)!

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half."

150 years ago that huge waste of money was understandable. Our complimentary deep-dive data analysis reveals on average the numbers are almost just as bad today (and that is totally inexcusable)
John Wanamaker - 1838-1922
Department Store Magnate

"If you build it, they will come..." (assuming Google finds you, first and tells the world about you)

A voice in "Ray Kinsella's" head planted that "If you build it, they will come..." thought. Todays digital advertising reality adds a critical caveat, "but only if your SEO puts you on page one of Google..."
"Ray Kinsella" (Kevin Costner)
"Field of Dreams"

"Sometime you wanna' go where everybody knows your name and you're always glad they came..."

Basically "everyone" in your target market knows that song. Familiarity is key. Expertly implemented Proxi-Channel remarketing ensures "everybody knows your name" and keeps it on top of their minds
"Sam Malone" (Ted Danson)

Trade Schools - our only focus...

More visitors to your school’s “clicks and mortar” web property ultimately brings more visitors to your “bricks and mortar” property and it all begins with a phone call (and our deep-dive Proxi-analysis and experience-driven recommendations are yours to keep with absolutely no obligation!)  Click the “Let’s Talk” button to schedule a call.