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Remember 'T E R I' (Thank Each Reviewer Instantly)

Got 5 seconds? Scroll down to watch ProxiSponder create perfect replies to your Google reviews!

(Start typing Your Business/Institution Name, select it from the dropdown, click Submit then SCROLL DOWN to see ProxiSponder Create your Replies in real-time!)

Here's how ProxiSponder Works

1: With one click ProxiSponder integrates with your Google Business Profile and will automatically display your Google reviews.

2: ProxiSponder instantly crafts responses for ALL of your reviews (you can easily tweak the responses, tell ProxiSponder “Rewrite this review”, cancel the reply – the choice is always yours). When you decide “It looks good!” a single “Approve” click posts that reply to Google through our ProxiSponder platform (cutting the time to create a great reply down from minutes, to seconds so your employees can work on other things!)

3: When ProxiSponder detects a new review our software instantly sends you an email which includes that new review and the ProxiSponder response to that review. You can easily approve, toggle an instant rewrite, edit/tweak (or reject entirely) the response prior to posting it to Google. There’s no need to waste time logging in to your Google account (ProxiSponder handles everything from within our software platform.)

ProxiSponder - The Central Hub For All Your Google Review Responses

ProxiSponder is the perfect solution to almost completely automate the time-consuming and challenging task of responding to reviews for your business. Our platform generates high-quality custom responses in real time (and, unlike human beings, it’s never at a loss for a unique reply each and every time.)  Users LOVE the way it brainstorms the most effective way to communicate with customers and clients, saving your employee’s time valuable time for other more important tasks that can’t be handled in this fashion while ensuring a professional and personalized approach.  Your current and prospective customers and clients will love the replies, too!  (And, ProxiSponder doesn’t interfere in any way with any review management software you might already use – it seamlessly augments and improves what you already have!)

Mastering the Art of Effective Customer Review Responses with ProxiSponder: Key Principles for Success

  • Respond quickly: The clock is ticking!  Statistics show today’s customers expect a reply to their review within AN HOUR!  The faster you respond to a review, the happier your customer will be (and feel appreciated!).  And, prospective customers will see your business is dedicated to addressing customer feedback in a timely fashion which is so very important in their decision-making process.
  • Respond to negative reviews: Negative reviews can drastically impact potential customer buying decisions. You must respond properly and quickly to help alleviate the issue (and, as with positive reviews EVERYTHING in the ProxiSponder reply is customizable).  (Most businesses fear bad reviews.  The smart ones view them as perfect opportunities to show present and future customers how much they care by addressing those negative reviews INSTANTLY and PROFESSIONALLY!
  • Respond to positive reviews: It’s important to always be grateful to the customers who leave positive reviews for your business. Show potential customers your business values honest feedback (and, ProxiSponder is NEVER at a loss for a new way to say a detailed “Thank you!”)
  • Mitigate the bad and maximize the good: Responding to reviews in real time isn’t merely about improving your reputation, but mitigating any potential harm and expanding your visibility through search engine optimization (SEO).  Multiple authoratitive SEO sites have found rapid replies can boost search engine results by 20 – 25% (proving once again, Google watches EVERYTHING!)

ProxiSponder - Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up with ProxiSponder AI?  It will literally take you longer to read the answer to this question than it will take you to have ProxiSponder up and running creating fantastic responses to your reviews than it will to get started (Here it is in a nutshell:  We send you a link for your account, you log in and confirm the connection between ProxiSponder and your reviews page, ProxiSponder displays all of your reviews and instantly starts crafting unique replies to each and every one of them.)

What is the main purpose of the ProxiSponder software platform?  The main purpose of this software platform is to help business owners effectively and efficiently manage their Google Business Profile reviews while providing even better, more unique reviews each and every time. It utilizes (specifically OpenAI’s GPT-4 with our custom “prompts”), to generate tailored responses to reviews, streamlining the process for business owners (and freeing up employees who would have been saddled with creating reply after reply after reply for more valuable tasks.)

How does the ProxiSponder software platform work?  Our software integrates directly with your Google Business Profile while giving your team complete control over everything!  It automatically generates responses to all the reviews you receive by leveraging GPT-4 (the powerful model by OpenAI).  The responses are then sent to you for approval, editing, or rejection.  It NEVER posts ANYTHING unless you tell it “Looks good!  Go for it!”

What is OpenAI’s GPT-4?  OpenAI’s GPT-4 is a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence model developed for various tasks including translation, question-answering and text generation. ProxiSponder utilizes its capability to understand and generate human-like text to provide relevant responses to your Google Business Profile reviews.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use this software platform?  No, you don’t need any technical knowledge to use this software platform. It’s designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You only need to review, edit, and approve the AI-generated responses.

Can I edit or rewrite the responses generated by the software?  Of course!  You can edit, rewrite, or even reject the responses generated by ProxiSponder AI. The platform sends the responses to you for review and you retain FULL CONTROL over what is ultimately posted in your reply.

How can I ensure the AI-generated responses align with my brand voice?  As you saw when you ran the 10-second example, ProxiSponder is amazing right out of the gate.  But, it’s engineered to learn and adapt over time. The more feedback and input you provide (by way of changes, edits, requests for complete “do-overs”, the better it gets at understanding and aligning with your brand’s voice and tone.

Does the software platform respond to all reviews, including negative ones?  Yes, the platform will generate responses for all reviews – both positive and negative. For negative reviews, it focuses on addressing concerns, offering solutions and demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction.

How quickly does ProxiSponder generate responses to new reviews?  Typically, AI-based platforms generate responses within a few seconds to a couple of minutes of receiving a new review. The exact speed depends on factors such as the complexity of the review and the platform’s current load (but, in every case a tiny fraction of how long a conventional reply would take and without requiring an employee to manually slog through them ever again!)

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