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Students at New York Aviation High School Start Preparing for Future Electric Air Taxis

There’s been a lot of talk about different eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) models, vertiport infrastructure, and aviation regulations, but not enough talk about the workforce needed to maintain the future ecosystem of UAM (Urban Air Mobility). One of the most important eVTOL manufacturers is addressing this by partnering up with the prestigious Aviation High School in New York City.  Whether they’ll be able to fly themselves sooner than later, eVTOLs need experts who know how to handle them, maintain them, and keep flight operations at the optimum level. A new generation of electric aircraft also means a new generation of pilots and aviation experts needs to emerge.  This is the reason behind a new collaboration between Joby and the Aviation High School in New York City. Thanks to this, 100 students have enrolled in the online Private Pilot Ground School course offered by Joby. Another goal is to add information about electric propulsion systems and other emerging flight technologies to the school’s curriculum.

It must have been a really exciting moment for the high school students when Joby brought four virtual-reality (VR) simulators to the school. The future aviation experts got the chance to pilot the manufacturer’s electric aircraft and see what that’s like.

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